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Pertame Master-Apprentice Program

The Pertame language revival program seeks to rapidly grow new fluent speakers of the endangered Central Australian language using the Master-Apprentice immersion method developed by Native American Communities in the US.

Read more is an Arrernte language resource, housing an online version with audio of the revised Eastern & Central Arrernte Learners Wordlist, the original of which was published by IAD in the early 1990s. It is a shell into which further resources are continually being added. Scroll down the LHS menu to find the game.

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‘Living and Breathing Kungarakan’ project

The Kungarakany language project has been completed with a set of wonderful resources to support language revival, with 11 posters, 12 books, curriculum implementation guides and a significant set of archival resources that will continue to contribute to and assist early years language learning.

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‘Wangka irrititha munu kuwarritha’ ‘Southern dialects of Luritja (Martutjarra and related) – Old meets New’ project

The Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics has recently kicked off its Martutjarra Luritja language project. Funded for two years in the 2020 ILA Open Round, the project aims to produce a range of language resources from previous language work through the engagement of intergenerational community collaborations, creative arts & technology.

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Maningrida Action Project and Kinship Sign Poster - Kuninjku, Kune

A multilingual team at Maningrida participated in a two week sign language workshop at Maningrida in August, 2017. Linguists Margaret Carew (CALL), Jenny Green (University of Melbourne), Murray Garde (Australian National University) and Carolyn Coleman worked with people from Kuninjku, Gunnartpa, Wurlaki, Ndjébbana and Kun-barlang language groups.

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Ngulajuku: Tiger's story of the past and how Nyirrpi came to be

In this project we are repurposing a Central Australian oral history as an educational resource. The interview with Tiger Morris that the project is based on was done by Fiona Gibson in 2001 in a project about Warlpiri education. The project will produce an illustrated, bilingual book with map and audio.

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Yókkarra | Njonja | Jichicha | Maningrida Fish Project

Yokkarra, the Maningrida fish project, is complete. The project produced a film and a beautiful fish poster. The poster, which supports the teaching and learning of fish names in local languages, shows the main fish caught by the fishing team, with names in five languages, 3 local languages – Ndjébbana, Na-kara, Burarra, plus English and Latin.

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An-nguliny Rarrk | Stories from Mick Marrawa England

Batchelor Institute and Maningrida Arts and Culture are proud to present An-nguliny Rarrk, a new book that celebrates the artwork of Mick Marrawa England. Buy the book from Batchelor Institute Press The book was launched at the opening of Marrawa’s exhibition at Art Mob Aboriginal Art Gallery, Hobart Tasmania on 13 October 2017.

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Maningrida languages | sounds, writing and spelling

In the past Aboriginal languages were not written down. Ways of writing developed through the work of linguists and anthropologists who came to Arnhem Land to study the language, and missionaries who came to teach people about the bible and to translate it into local languages.

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Maningrida language map

This language map shows places in the Maningrida region and the languages that belong to different parts of country. Place names are spelt in the standard spelling of the language for that country. Map created by Brenda Thornley, based on earlier versions from Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation and Maningrida College.

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