Team in Alice Springs, October 2013


We’ve just completed a week of work on the Gun-nartpa stories book. The photo shows the team who came together in Alice Springs for this workshop – Crusoe Batara, Raymond Walanggay, Margaret Carew, Marion Waiguma and Patrick Muchana. The book now has its title – Gun-ngaypa Rrawa ‘My country’ and a cover design (thanks to Patrick).

We read through the whole manuscript (adding a lot of new material), mapped lots of sites on Google Earth and listened to many of the stories again. We are all really looking forward to the next step – we hand the manuscript over to Christine Bruderlin and Mark MacLean at the end of next week, and they will weave it into a book of photos and pictures.

Another great thing about this week was looking at the photos that Wallace Blackley sent, from his time at Cadell in the 1980s. Chris Haynes was also in touch with us during the week, and really has helped by reading parts of the manuscript. Exciting times for us all. Thanks everybody!