Wadeye Endangered Languages Project

The Wadeye Endangered Languages Project is a joint project of over 10 years between Wadeye Aboriginal Languages Centre and CALL at Batchelor Institute. It has operated in the Thamarrurr Region including the locations Wadeye, Nganmarriyanga, Peppimanarti, Nauiyu, and Wulliana. The project is overseen by community elders who determine language documentation needs, outcomes and prioritising of project activities. The project conducts fieldwork and supports local efforts in language maintenance, archiving, revival and education for 9 languages: Murrinhpatha, Marri Thieyel, Jaminjung, MalakMalak, Matngele, Marri Amu, Marri Ngarr, Magati Ke, and Marri Tjevin.