ICTV Play website launched in Alice Springs

                  Take a look at ICTV’s new ‘inLanguage’ website, launched in Alice Springs on International Mother Language Day, 21st February 2019. Supported by Batchelor Institute’s Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics (CALL) and the Australian Government’s Indigenous Languages and Arts program, First Languages Australia, ICTV Play makes a huge number… Read more »

Book launch at Buluhkardaru!

We were thrilled to launch the Kune seasons book Nga-ni Kun-red Ngarduk Man-djewk Na-kudji ‘ A year in my Country’ at Buluhkardaru school in November 2017. Thankyou to everyone involved, with a special shout out to Buluhkardaru community and school.

Wurlaki galngi

Eric Pascoe pronounces some Wurlaki body part words and uses them in a simple sentence which starts: Djiningi ngarri …. ‘this is my….’ or Djiningi ngarrang… ‘this is my…’

Book review: Wakal gu-bena burrwa

  Maningrida College has a great collection of books in local languages. Wakal gu-bena burrwa is a Burarra book. It is about a funny thing that happens when some men light a bushfire while they are out hunting. They wake up a buffalo who charges at them. They see it coming at the last minute… Read more »

50 Arrernte words poster

 The Apmere angkentye-akenhe team have produced this excellent poster Contact Watch this Space if you’d like to order a copy $12 each! Listen to the words on Soundcloud


We ran the inaugural Arrpenhe-nthenhe Indigenous Languages film program as part of the Something Somewhere Film Festival in Alice Springs on Saturday 20 April. This was a resounding success and shows that our community has a great appetite for films that present the voices and perspectives of Indigenous people, in their languages. Please check this… Read more »