Book launch at Buluhkardaru!

We were thrilled to launch the Kune seasons book Nga-ni Kun-red Ngarduk Man-djewk Na-kudji ‘ A year in my Country’ at Buluhkardaru school in November 2017. Thankyou to everyone involved, with a special shout out to Buluhkardaru community and school.

Wurlaki galngi

Eric Pascoe pronounces some Wurlaki body part words and uses them in a simple sentence which starts: Djiningi ngarri …. ‘this is my….’ or Djiningi ngarrang… ‘this is my…’

Book review: Wakal gu-bena burrwa

  Maningrida College has a great collection of books in local languages. Wakal gu-bena burrwa is a Burarra book. It is about a funny thing that happens when some men light a bushfire while they are out hunting. They wake up a buffalo who charges at them. They see it coming at the last minute… Read more »

50 Arrernte words poster

 The Apmere angkentye-akenhe team have produced this excellent poster Contact Watch this Space if you’d like to order a copy $12 each! Listen to the words on Soundcloud


We ran the inaugural Arrpenhe-nthenhe Indigenous Languages film program as part of the Something Somewhere Film Festival in Alice Springs on Saturday 20 April. This was a resounding success and shows that our community has a great appetite for films that present the voices and perspectives of Indigenous people, in their languages. Please check this… Read more »

Alice Springs Pop-up language school is a goer!

It’s great news that one of our partner projects has been funded by Regional Arts Australia. This is the Alice Springs Pop-up Language School, through Watch this Space gallery. Artist and language advocate Beth Sometimes did the hard work on submitting for these funds and she will work with a group of artists and language… Read more »

Arrpenhe-nthenhe – Call for expressions of interest

In 2016 a new international film festival –  Something Somewhere – was presented for the first time in Alice Springs. It was produced by a local team and will happen again in April 20–23rd 2017, and into the future. For the 2017 festival we are putting together a program of films that are full of the languages of Central Australia. With… Read more »