Ti Tree book launch: Mer Angenty-warn alhem

The Ti Tree community turned out in force on Wednesday 18 May 2016, to celebrate the launch of a new book – Mer Angenty-warn Alhem ‘Travelling to Angenty waterhole’. This book was a team project led by Anmatyerr teacher April Pengart Campbell and elder Clarrie Kemarr Long. The book focuses on one family trip to the… Read more »

Gurr-goni dictionary launch

We are pleased and proud to announce the launch of the Gurr-goni Dictionary on 14 April at Maningrida College in Maningrida. For more information about the Gurr-goni Dictionary, click here.   Artwork by Joe Injamul, Gurrgoni people, Sacred Dilly Bag, natural pigments on eucalyptus bark, 91.8 x 58 cm, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Purchased 1982,… Read more »

Honour for Gavan Breen

Our warm congratulations to Gavan Breen, who was one of 45 Australians in 2016 to become an Officer in the General Division of the Order of Australia for his work in preserving indigenous languages. As reported on the ABC and in the NT News. Also see the NT News/Centralian Advocate interview with Gavan. Gavan’s fieldnotes from… Read more »

WANALA Update – next forum in Alice Springs – May 2016

Harold Furber travelled to the WANALA forum in Perth in December 2015, representing Central Australian language projects, including the Arrernte Language Office at the Desert People’s Centre and Yipirinya School. The Western and Northern Australian Language Alliance (WANALA) is a not-for-profit peak body for language centres and community language projects in WA and the Northern Territory.… Read more »

Christine and Mark strike again!

It was great to see our new book Mer Angenty-warn Alhem ‘Travelling to Angenty waterhole’ arrive today. This project has been long in the making, and we are very happy with the result. Thanks to  everyone who contributed to this project. In particular we acknowledge the wonderful Christine Bruderlin and Mark MacLean of Bruderlin MacLean Publishing. Christine has a… Read more »

Mewal films

We are proud to share our two new films from the Mewal song project. Hope you enjoy them! Mewal: A Marrangu songline Wakwak: Crow dance Thanks to all the singers, performers, owners and djungkays. See here for more information about the Mewal Song Project.

Gambay | Interactive languages map

First Languages Australia has collaborated with regional language centres to develop Gambay, a map of Australian languages that reflects the names and groupings favoured by community. Language workers from around the country have contributed video profiles that are attached to their languages, giving faces to Australia’s first languages and helping bring people to an understanding… Read more »

Learn Arrernte at the Alice Springs Language Centre

The Alice Springs Language Centre team provide language courses to all students attending Government schools in Alice Springs. The Alice Springs Language Centre also offers regular introductory courses in Arrernte to the wider community. The courses are delivered by experienced Arrernte teachers.

Thangkerne | Kaytetye birds

A team of Kaytetye speakers, working with linguist Myfany Turpin, have developed an app for iphone and ipad about Thangkerne ‘birds’. Link to the app here. For more information about Kaytetye language research, contact: myfany.turpin@sydney.edu.au For more information about the Thangkerne app, contact: margaret.carew@batchelor.edu.au Kaytetye is a highly endangered Indigenous language spoken in the Barrow Creek region… Read more »

Digitising equipment in the Arrernte Language Office

  We have recently set up a tape deck and amplifier in the Arrernte Language Office at the Desert People’s Centre campus. This means we can digitise cassette tapes, converting them to files that can be easily copied and made available to families. Digitising audio unlocks the potential to create new language resources and for… Read more »