Arrernte signs on buildings in Alice Springs

Alice Springs has a typical townscape – with buildings of various types and signage announcing the nature of the service or business that goes on inside. Most of these are in English, but a closer inspection reveals Arrernte words dotted throughout. The Akangkentye Hostel in South Terrace, Alice Springs is one example. The word akangkentye means ‘kindness’… Read more »

Kaytetye Sound Recordings

 Shirley Ampetyane and Myfany Turpin in the CAT Recording Studio, July 2015 It was a busy week for Kaytetye speaker Shirley Ampetyane, and linguists Myfany Turpin and Michael Proctor. They were ensconced in the Centre for Appropriate Technology’s sound proof recording studio from the 9th to the 14th July, recording Kaytetye language. These recordings will expand the  Kaytetye bird… Read more »

Kune language books for Maningrida College

  Some new Kune language books are currently being prepared by JY (deceased 2015), Carol Liyawanga and Charlie Brian at Maningrida College. The College library has an excellent collection of books for teaching language and culture to Ndjébbana and Burarra children, but there are very few books for languages such as Kune, Kunwinjku, Rembarrnga and Djinang.… Read more »

Mun-guna jurra mun-gugaliya mun-guyinda

    Mun-guna jurra mun-gugaliya mun-guyinda means something like: ‘this is the kind of book you can listen to’. We have recently coined this Burarra/Gun-nartpa phrase to describe the soundprinting process that has been used to embed sound into the pages of our book Gun-ngaypa Rrawa ‘My Country’. Each story in the book is broken… Read more »

Maningrida digital collection update

  Back in October 2014 we commenced the Maningrida Digitising Project, with the aim of building and supporting local capacity to digitise and mobilise audio-visual resources in the community – see our earlier blog post about this workshop. As part of this we set up digitising equipment so that we can digitally capture the many… Read more »

Maningrida Book Launch – Gun-ngaypa Rrawa ‘My Country’

  We were very proud to launch our new book Gun-ngaypa Rrawa ‘My Country’ at Maningrida on 25 March. The book was presented to elder Robert Bibora in a ceremonial performance by men and women from the An-nguliny and related clan groups. Robert Bibora is the senior member of the Gopamolija clan group, and is… Read more »

Ingkerr anyent-antey | The language of batik

Everything is one…we are a part of everything…everything is a part of us. The second exhibition to come from Utopia Bush Medicine Project. The exhibition is a celebration of women’s strength and continuity – an interweaving of art, language and awely (women’s performance arts). It affirms their connection to their country, and their deep cultural… Read more »

Lywemp-lywemp – a type of cosmetic

Lywemp-lywemp is a plant used to make your hair shiny and long. Young women at Utopia directed, shot and edited  this film Lywemp-lywempek arety-alhek, ‘going looking for lywemp-lywemp’. It was their first film for the Utopia Bush Medicine Project. A significant learning focus through the making of this film was the development of vernacular literacy skills…reading… Read more »

Awely Anter

Art and multimedia are powerful vehicles for language and cultural maintenance.