Maningrida College Collection

Liz Hall (Maningrida College) and Margaret Carew take a look at the Maningrida College collection of audio, VHS and miniDV tapes.  

Video digitising setup

Ben Foley explains the video digitising set up for digitising miniDV and VHS tapes, featuring Ben, Margaret Carew and Bradley White. Filmed by Jill Vaughan at Maningrida College, October 2014.

Digitising VHS (3 films)

Digitising VHS (3 films) These three films show the steps in digitising from VHS tape. They were made by Ben Foley, Josie Diddo and Bradley White at Maningrida College, October 2014. 1. Get Quicktime ready for digitising VHS 2. Get the VHS player ready 3. Capture VHS – record onto the computer  

Congratulations to Maningrida teaching graduates

Congratulations to Alice Eather and Cindy Jinmarabynana for completing your teaching degrees at CDU. Alice and Cindy are valued members of staff at Maningrida College. Here is a link to the Charles Darwin University news item: Double delight at Maningrida.

Digitising workshop – Maningrida October 2014

In October 2014 a team from NT Language Centre support visited Maningrida for two weeks. The main job while we were there was to make a start on digitising audio cassette tapes and video tapes from the large collection at Maningrida College. Maningrida College has a valuable collection of audio cassette tapes, CDs, VHS tapes, Mini… Read more »

Jardiwanpa yawulyu consultation Yuendumu and Wayililinpa, March 2014

Georgia Curran and Margaret Carew visited Yuendumu in April 2014 to show the latest proof of the Jardiwanpa yawulyu book to the team. We read through the whole book, playing each song and checking the transcript and meaning in the draft. We also visited Wayililinpa outstation to take some photos of sites and to continue proofing.