Jardiwanpa yawulyu consultation Yuendumu and Wayililinpa, March 2014

Georgia Curran and Margaret Carew visited Yuendumu in April 2014 to show the latest proof of the Jardiwanpa yawulyu book to the team. We read through the whole book, playing each song and checking the transcript and meaning in the draft. We also visited Wayililinpa outstation to take some photos of sites and to continue proofing.  

Team in Alice Springs, October 2013

We’ve just completed a week of work on the Gun-nartpa stories book. The photo shows the team who came together in Alice Springs for this workshop – Crusoe Batara, Raymond Walanggay, Margaret Carew, Marion Waiguma and Patrick Muchana. The book now has its title – Gun-ngaypa Rrawa ‘My country’ and a cover design (thanks to… Read more »

Sound symbols in Gun-nartpa stories

This audio file is no longer available. Audio credit Harry Litchfield, Gun-nartpa language, ELDP recording archive reference: T15B-12_454561_469720 Transcribers and translators: Patrick Muchana, Crusoe Batara, Betty Warnduk, Beverley England, Marion Waiguma, Margaret Carew. The Gun-nartpa language team have been working pretty hard over the last couple of months. The focus of our work has been getting stories… Read more »

Gun-nartpa Stories workshop, Alice Springs March 2013

Raymond Walangay, Marion Waiguma and Patrick Muchana – thanks for coming to Alice Springs for the Gun-nartpa Stories project. Next step – Margaret will edit the work we did over the two weeks and we’ll have the next workshop at Maningrida in May.

March 2013, workshop session

In our workshop today we met with Christopher and Alex from isee-ilearn, and learned about making talking books with italk. The photo shows Patrick, Raymond and Marion recording a voiceover for one of the italk templates – The Money Story. http://www.isee-ilearn.com/

Transcribing with Inqscribe software

Gun-nartpa Stories workshop day 4 (Friday 14th march 2013) Gun-guna ngu-wukurrjinga ngu-nirra Patrick Muchana gunika janguny. Wola gunyinda Ji-japun gu-buna jin-bamuna rrapa gun-nelangga gu-barnjinga jin-bamuna baman minypa rrawa gun-guyinda gu-yurrapa gu-workiya Here I am writing Patrick Muchana’s story. In the dreamtime the ancestor being travelled along Gochan jiny-jirra  and named all the places. From a… Read more »