Burarra and Gun-nartpa Dictionary

Link: Burarra and Gun-nartpa Dictionary Here is a link to the online version of the Burarra and Gun-nartpa Dictionary that was published by AuSIL in 1994. Kathy Glasgow compiled the dictionary, after decades of working as a linguist and bible translator in Maningrida. From the AuSIL site, you can also download tablet and iOS versions… Read more »

Language Profile – Burarra and Gun-nartpa

Language Profile – Burarra and Gun-nartpa There are approximately 200 members of the Gun-nartpa dialect group, who primarily live at the outstations Gochan Jiny-jirra and Ji-balbal, in the settlement of Maningrida, at Gun-barlanya and in Darwin. Gun-nartpa is the ‘freshwater’ dialect of Burarra: the other dialects are spoken around the mouth of the Blyth River… Read more »

Gun-nartpa Stories Community Language Team

There are a number of people involved in the Gun-nartpa stories project. Firstly we acknowledge the contribution of Gun-nartpa elders now deceased, who back in the 1990s spoke and sang on tape about their art, lifestyle, history and environment, for the purpose of recording this for their families. These people are: England Banggala, Harry Litchfield,… Read more »

Kicking off the Gun-nartpa Stories Project

This is a language documentation project that supports a team of Gun-nartpa and Burarra people to publish stories and other language resources based on old recordings. The team will create an audio book of Gun-nartpa stories, songs and artworks from elders at Gochan Jiny-jirra community, north-central Arnhem Land. The book draws mainly from audio recordings… Read more »