Christine and Mark strike again!

DSC_0046It was great to see our new book Mer Angenty-warn Alhem ‘Travelling to Angenty waterhole’ arrive today. This project has been long in the making, and we are very happy with the result. Thanks to  everyone who contributed to this project.

In particular we acknowledge the wonderful Christine Bruderlin and Mark MacLean of Bruderlin MacLean Publishing. Christine has a great design sense and pays painstaking attention to detail. She always produces a beautiful product. Mark is an eagle-eyed copy editor (and also quite a well known author and blogger). We always appreciate Christine and Mark’s willingness to collaborate through the development of manuscripts, sometimes over several years!

Thanks to the both of you.

Mer Angenty-warn Alhem started off as a film of a family trip to country in 2012, and evolved from there into a cross platform project. QR codes in the book link to films which are published online. These are protected by passwords, so only people with the book can access them. The book also has sound printing. This makes it possible to access and enjoy the content in a number of ways.

We will be launching the book in April 2016 at Ti Tree.