Indigenous cultural property – motivations and agency

Barbara Napanangka Martin, Margaret Carew and Georgia Curran presented a paper at the Knowledge Intersections Symposium at Batchelor Institute – Desert Peoples Centre Campus in May 2017. Download full program here. Filmed by CAAMA. Motivation and agency in representations of Indigenous cultural property in collaborative publishing projects This paper explores issues relating to the representation… Read more »

Woma | Sugarbag

Crusoe Batara England and Thomas Dennis chop down a tree looking for woma ‘honey’. Unfortunately the hive is a new one, so not much honey inside, but Crusoe talks about his memories of his elders harvesting honey in the old days. Filmed at Gochan Jiny-jirra in October 2015.

Ngaltutjarra ‘poor thing’

Ngaanyatjarra linguist Lizzie Ellis explains the way that Ngaanyatjarra people use the word ngaltutjarra –  to express empathy, along with facial expression and voice. Recorded in 2012 with Gail Woods and Margaret Carew, as part of the iltyemiltyem project


Katie Fry describes a place called Ana-milerra, explaining how it was created by the ancestral Goanna spirit and how people used to go there for hunting in the old days. This film is part of a project documenting the artwork of Mick Marrawa England, An-nguliny artist from Gochan Jiny-jirra. Return to An-nguliny Rarrk main page

Gomunga | Magpie goose

Dorothy Galaledba prepares gomunga ‘magpie goose’ at Nganyjuwa. Voice over by Rose Ngardiny Darcy. This film is a draft so please contact us for a password if you have permission to view.