Akngwelye ayeye

Doris Stuart tells the story about the wild dogs who created the landscape of Mparntwe. Based on a story told by Basil Stevens in 1988.

Alhetyel kerek | Going hunting

This is a short animated film that shows two women sitting in their camp with their dogs. They decide to go hunting. Dorothy Kemarr Kunoth and Patsy Kemarr Long provide a voiceover in Anmatyerr to animated ‘doll-dolls’ with animations by Arlparra Seconday School students Maxine Ross, Sylvaria Walker, Trephina Loy, Sereda Morton and Roslyn Jones.

Aherr | Kangaroo hunt

This is a short animated film about a trip out bush to hunt kangaroo, created by young men who were students at Arlparra Secondary School. The animation is done with drawings cut out of paper. The voiceover is in Anmatyerr with a codeswitch to English in a scene where they buy fuel.

Angkety Kemarr-atherr

This is an animated film with an Anmatyerr voiceover. It is about two Kemarr women who go hunting for goanna with their dogs. They also collect bush medicine plants and make a rubbing medicine from these plants mixed with the fat of the goanna. One of the women treats the other by rubbing her with… Read more »

Tyew-warl alhew | Off to the show

This is an animated story about some Alyawarr teenagers who go to the Alice Springs show. The simple pleasures – the rides, fairy floss and hot dogs. Maybe find a fella?

Spirit man

This is a super-short film about a spirit who lures someone into a trap. It calls petyay! ‘come here!’ and the voice over says alhek aretyekay ‘she or he went to see’. The language is Eastern Anmatyerr.

Cindy Jinmarabynana | Maningrida sign language

Cindy Jinmarabynana demonstrates Maningrida Sign Language in this film. It was made in May 2016, at a sign language workshop during the WANALA meeting in Alice Springs. Cindy speaks her language Burarra while signing.