Lúrra Language and Culture Program

The Lúrra Language and Culture team at Maningrida College made this film to show the world the awesome work they do. The film was produced by Abigail Carter, one of the Lúrra team. It was screened at the 2015 Puliima Conference in Melbourne. Abigail attended the conference as part of the Young Champions program and… Read more »

Marion and Margaret

Friends and colleagues Marion Waiguma and Margaret Carew talk about their work in Burarra language from Maningrida, Arnhemland. This interview was recorded as part of a national Search and Rescue Workshop for Indigenous languages at the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education (BIITE) in conjunction with the Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics (CALL collection) and… Read more »

Nyiburr-borrmunga | We are family

This film was made during an NT Libraries RIPIA workshop in Darwin in 2014. It features Marion Waiguma, Natalie Jin-gurala and Rosita Malgimbar. They speak in Burarra, a language from the Maningrida region.

Harold Furber – a profile

  Harold Furber attended the Puliima Language and Technology Forum as a consultant to the Arrernte Language Office at the Desert People’s Centre campus in September 2015. He spoke of his vision for a language centre in Alice Springs. This film is one of many profiles that form part of the new interactive language map called Gambay,… Read more »

Wakwak – Crow dance

In this film, Wurrkigandjarr songmen Jimmy Djamanba, Stanley Djalarra, Ad Djulipirri and Raymond Fisher, along with Mikey Gurruwiwi on didjeridu, sing wakwak ‘crow’. Men and women from the Wurrkigandjarr group, and djungkays (Ceremonial managers) perform the wakwak dance. The wakwak dance is an important aspect of mortuary rites and the Wurrkigandjarr perform this at funerals for… Read more »

Miwal – A Marrangu Songline

In this film, Jimmy Djamanba, Stanley Djalarra Rankin and other Wurrkiganydjarr people tell the story of how the Miwal spirit travelled through Marrangu country from the sunrise. Miwal travelled with Djarwarri, the Ancestral Honey spirit and Djambawal, a spirit boy. The travels of these spirit beings unifies all Marrangu people along this songline. After passing through… Read more »

Searching for seeds

  Coral Napangardi Gallagher and Tess Napaljarri Ross show how the women dance with a coolamon like they are searching for seeds. Main Jardiwanpa page  

Fighting for the seeds

  Coral Napangardi Gallagher and Tess Napaljarri Ross enact how the diamond dove fight for the seeds, crying. Main Jardiwanpa page  

Winnowing the seeds

  Liddy Napanangka Walker dances with her hands as she sings about winnowing the seeds. Then Coral Napangardi Gallagher and Tess Napaljarri Ross dance, showing how the women winnow the seeds. Main Jardiwanpa page  

Yankirri ’emu’ searching for food

  Coral and Tess dance to the song for Miyaka ‘red-flowering kurrajong’, like emus turning their heads from side to side as they search for food. Main Jardiwanpa page