Gun-ngaypa Rrawa Book Launch

  This is a film of the Gun-ngaypa Rrawa ‘My Country’ book launch, held at Maningrida College 25 March 2015. Performers are: Allen Milyerr, Mick Marrawa England , Michael Mungula, Gary Madji Smith, Blake Djimarr Carter, Roger Burrichulumchulum, Samuel Milika Rankin, Sheldon Rankin, Sammy Mibarala Davis, Jeremy Namarridji Davis, Winnie Wungkara, Dorothy Galaledba, Cindy Jinmarabynana, Mildred… Read more »

Michael Mungula describes photos from Donald Thomson

  In this film, Michael Mungula from the Gupapuyngu language group talks about photographs taken by anthropologist Donald Thomson in Arnhem Land. They show Michael’s forebears living a traditional hunter gatherer lifestyle, using bark canoes and gathering goose eggs.

Antarrengeny Awely | Alyawarr women’s songs from Antarrengeny

WARNING: This film contains images of a senior Antarrengeny custodian who has passed away Mary Kemarr and Katie Kemarr lead a group of women in singing the ancestral women’s songs – awely – from Antarrengeny. It was produced on DVD as part of the Antarrengeny Awely project, and is the companion to another film called… Read more »

Antarrengeny story

WARNING: This film contains images of a senior Antarrengeny custodian who has passed away Mary Kemarr tells the story of Ancestral women from Antarrengeny. This story is told in the form of a tyepety ‘sand story’, in which Mary draws the story on the sand as she narrates, sings and uses sign language. It is… Read more »


A film from the Utopia bush medicine project. Women are demonstrating using a spine from arnwekety ‘conkerberry’ (Carissa lanceolata) to cure a wart. The language is Anmatyerr.  

Ilpengk | Gidgee fuchsia

This film is about the collection and preparation of  ilpengk ‘gidgee fuchsia bush’ (Eremophila dalyana), a highly prized bush medicine found in the Utopia region. A slideshow with Anmatyerr audio and English subtitles.

Awangk alheyel akerek

A film made by Arlparra school students in Alyawarr language. Two young women are out walking with their dog and they become hungry. Watch how resourceful they are.

Arrwekeleny lyeteny: old ways and new ways

Utopia Bush Medicine Project. A snapshot of language and visual arts workshops at the Arlparra Study Centre – in particular, preparing the characters for the animation ‘Awely Anter’.

Awely anter ‘healing fat’

An animation from the Utopia Bush Medicine Project. It combines art, crafts, digital media and story telling entwined with extensive traditional knowledge.