Gun-ngaypa Rrawa Book Launch Invitation

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Gun-ngaypa Rrawa means ‘My Country’ in the Gun-nartpa language of North-central Arnhem Land, Australia. In this book, An-nguliny clan leader and celebrated artist England Banggala tells of Yirrichinga Ancestral Spirits who created the country around Gochan Jiny-jirra on the Cadell River, and the Jowunga spirits associated with his mother’s clan around the Barlparnarra swamp and Nganyjuwa floodplain. These spirits are celebrated in the ceremonies, stories and visual art of the Gun-nartpa people and their close neighbors.

Banggala and other elders also tell stories from the old days, when hunting, bush foods, warfare and sorcery were part of everyday life. They describe the Second World War, the coming of the Welfare Time and the settlement of Maningrida and outstations. The book celebrates the diversity of languages in the region by presenting the stories in both Gun-nartpa and English.

Many of you have received this invitation because you have supported the project, contributed information or allowed us to publish your photographs. We understand you may not be able to make it to the launch but would like to express our gratitude to all of you. Please feel free to forward this invitation to others who are interested in the art, languages, stories and people from the Maningrida region.

To order a copy of the book, contact Batchelor Press:

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The book is printed with the technology of sound printing – you can listen to the songs using a ‘speaking pen’. For more information about sound printing and for access to pens and sound files, visit