Ingkerr anyent-antey | The language of batik

Everything is one…we are a part of everything…everything is a part of us.

The second exhibition to come from Utopia Bush Medicine Project.

The exhibition is a celebration of women’s strength and continuity – an interweaving of art, language and awely (women’s performance arts). It affirms their connection to their country, and their deep cultural knowledge. Watch the film Ingkerr anyent-antey. It documents batik making interspersed with trips out on country to inspire, reconnect and document knowledge of plants and animals and their significance in everyday life.

Like hunting and performing awely, the Utopia women’s approach to making batik is one of exuberance. It is ‘performed’ with energy, enthusiasm and strength of purpose. The pieces are bold, spontaneous works filled with life, laughing and language. ‘Ingkerr anyent-antey’, they say. “We are all together. We are a part of everything and everything is a part of us. It’s all the same thing – everything and everyone are as one.”