Kwertele ileme


On Tuesday 10 March, women from the Akeyulerre Healing Centre in Alice Springs performed kwertele ileme at the Arrernte Language Office at Batchelor Institute’s Desert Peoples Centre campus. Kwertele ileme means ‘to smoke someone, to put someone in smoke’. This ceremony is performed on a number of different occasions, including with a new baby. Kwertele ileme is calming, cleansing and healing. It dispels bad feelings and makes people and places ready for a fresh start.

The Akeyulerre women perform kwertele ileme as a service in the Alice Springs community, and it is becoming a part of events where people from different walks of life come together. We are honoured to have the women come and perform this at our campus, to prepare the space for working together through the Arrernte Language office.


Akwertethe akaltyele anthenh-anthenhe

‘We are always learning’

MK Turner & Cristobel Swan


Photos: Lisa Golden