How to create labels in Elan and then use them to export multiple audio clips from Audacity

PDF version

1. Make a tier in Elan for your labels – call it ‘labels’

Create the chunks that you want to export as clips, and give each one a name. This label name will end up being the name of the clip.
We have used a language word and the initials of the person who is recorded saying it.


2. Export the chunks on the label tier as tab-delimited text

This will create a text file with the time codes and the label that you entered for each chunk
Save it somewhere convenient, perhaps in the same folder as your audio file and the Elan file.
Once you have done that, close Elan, you don’t need it for now.

3. Select the export options as in the screen grab below.

4. Check the label file

You don’t need to open the label file, but if you do, it will look something like this. The numbers are the time codes for the start and the end of the clip and the text is the same as what you entered into the chunk in Elan.

5. Open your audio file in Audacity

6. Import the label file that you exported earlier

7. This will create a label track in Audacity

8. Export the clips from Audacity

Make sure you select ‘Export Multiple’ from the File menu.

9. Choose settings

Create a folder for the clips. It’s good if this folder has the name of the original file that they were exported from
Choose the format for the clips – use mp3 if you are exporting them for an app or some other similar use.
Click OK as required (once per clip)

10. Check your clips

Make sure they play ok and that the audio matches the chunk you made in Elan
Each file name matches the label you created in Elan for each chunk.