First Nations Master Apprentice Workshop Training – Alice Springs

The Batchelor Institute along with the Pertame (Southern Arrernte) Language School will host Indigenous language experts from the USA in Alice Springs to run a language revival training aimed at creating new fluent speakers of endangered Indigenous languages. This training will facilitate international cultural connections and knowledge sharing between Native American and Indigenous Australian communities… Read more »

Tiger Morris, a changing life in the desert

In this project we are repurposing a Central Australian oral history as an educational resource. The interview with Tiger Morris that the project is based on was done by Fiona Gibson in 2001 in a project about Warlpiri education. Project output The project will produce an illustrated, bilingual book with audio. It will be a valuable… Read more »

Djinang ga Wurlaki documentation project

CALL is working with a team of Djinang and Wurlaki people to document their language and to create more language resources for use in schools and the community. This project has been supported by the Priority Language Support program through First Languages Australia, and by the Australian Commonwealth’s Indigenous Languages and Arts program. This work… Read more »

Yókkarra | Njonja | Jichicha | Maningrida Fish Project

Senior men Don Wilton, Jimmy Olsen and Stuart Ankin are traditional owners of clan estates along the north-central Arnhem Land coastline to the north and east of Maningrida. They are leading a group of local men in a fishing enterprise through Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation. Don is the owner of Nardilmuk, owned by Kunibídji people, and this… Read more »

Maningrida Action Project

  A multilingual team at Maningrida participated in a two week sign language workshop at Maningrida in August, 2017. Linguists Margaret Carew (CALL), Jenny Green (University of Melbourne), Murray Garde (Australian National University) and Carolyn Coleman worked with people from Kuninjku, Gunnartpa, Wurlaki, Ndjébbana and Kun-barlang  language groups recording signs – or ‘actions’ – for… Read more »

An-nguliny Rarrk | Stories from Mick Marrawa England

Batchelor Institute and Maningrida Arts and Culture are proud to present An-nguliny Rarrk, a new book that celebrates the artwork of Mick Marrawa England.   Buy the book from Batchelor Institute Press The book was launched at the opening of Marrawa’s exhibition at Art Mob Aboriginal Art Gallery, Hobart Tasmania on 13 October 2017. This… Read more »

Bábbarra Women’s Centre films

Between June – August 2017 CALL Linguist Margaret Carew worked with Bábbarra Women’s Centre artists to produce a set of short films. The films feature well known artists Lucy Yarawanga, Deborah Wurrkidj, Susan Marawarr, Janet Marawarr, Phyllis Dungudja and Lenny Goya-airra. The women speak primarily in their first languages – Kune, Kuninjku, Burarra, Gurr-goni and… Read more »

Apmere angkentye-kenhe | A place for language

CALL is proud to support the Apmere Angentye-kenhe project, launched in June 2017. This project was produced by Watch this Space Inc, in collaboration with an Arrernte language team. Link to the Apmere Ankentye-kenhe website for more information about this project.       50 Arrernte words The Apmere angkentye-kenhe team have produced this excellent… Read more »

Songs of Home

Songs of Home celebrates the significance and richness of Indigenous song, and reminds us of the fundamental connections between singing and home. The project has brought together expert singers from Australia and China – Anmatyerr women singers from Ti-Tree in Central Australia, and Kam women singers from Liping county in Guizhou province, China. The two… Read more »

CALL Collection

CALL Collection database and website A website and digitisation project for collecting and archiving of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language materials was launched at Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education June 29th 2017. Known as the CALL Collection and jointly managed by Batchelor Institute’s Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics (CALL) and the Batchelor Library, the… Read more »

Jirigi Jinda Ardangarri, Burnarri Anja, Diigu Aagala – Birds

Jirigi Jinda Ardangarri, Burnarri Anja, Diigu Aagala – Birds: tells us the names of birds in Ngarinyin, Worrorra and Wunambal Gaambara languages. The bird’s moiety, and the spiritual and seasonal knowledge associated with some birds gives an insight into the cultural importance of some birds for Ngarinyin, Worrorra and Wunambal Gaambara people. The amazing photographs… Read more »

Ayeye thipe-akerte

The Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics and Batchelor Institute Press are proud to present: Ayeye Thipe-akerte Arrernte Stories about Birds By Eastern Arrernte artist and writer Therese Ryder. Iwenhenge the pipe nhenhe mpwareke apele, ayenge ampe putyelenge amangkeke. Thipe nhenhe mapeke akaltye-irremele akngerrapate mapele iletyarte awemele – arrpenheme, kere anwerne-kenhe, arrpenhe mape anwerne arlkwentye… Read more »