Bábbarra Women’s Centre films

Phyllis Dunggadja telling her story at Bábbarra Women’s Centre. Photo: Ingrid Johanson

Between June – August 2017 CALL Linguist Margaret Carew worked with Bábbarra Women’s Centre artists to produce a set of short films. The films feature well known artists Lucy Yarawanga, Deborah Wurrkidj, Susan Marawarr, Janet Marawarr, Phyllis Dungudja and Lenny Goya-airra. The women speak primarily in their first languages – Kune, Kuninjku, Burarra, Gurr-goni and Ndjébbana, and also English.

Thankyou to all the women for sharing their stories. Thankyou also to Jill Vaughan for assistance with filming, Murray Garde for Kuninjku and Kune translations, Jon Altman for historical photographs that appear in Susan Marawarr’s story about her father making fishtraps, and to Ingrid Johanson for production support.

Click on the links below to view each film. These films are currently screening on ICTV.

Keep that jama! – featuring Phyllis Dungudja

Ngamarnbun ‘I sewed it’ – featuring Lennie Goya-airra

Kunred ‘Country’ – featuring Lennie Goya-airra

Kundayarr ‘Pandanus’ – featuring Deborah Wurrkidj

Kundayarr – shorter version

Yawkyawk and mandjabu ‘female water spirit’ and ‘fishtrap’ – featuring Raylene Bonson

Mandjabu – featuring Susan Marawarr

Kunkurra ‘wind’ – featuring Janet Marawarr

Bawáliba ‘mythical man’ – featuring Lucy Yarawanga

This project is part of the Maningrida Language Support service, through the Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics.