Djinang ga Wurlaki documentation project

CALL is working with a team of Djinang and Wurlaki people to document their language and to create more language resources for use in schools and the community. This project has been supported by the Priority Language Support program through First Languages Australia, and by the Australian Commonwealth’s Indigenous Languages and Arts program. This work… Read more »

Yókkarra | Njonja | Jichicha | Maningrida Fish Project

Senior men Don Wilton, Jimmy Olsen and Stuart Ankin are traditional owners of clan estates along the north-central Arnhem Land coastline to the north and east of Maningrida. They are leading a group of local men in a fishing enterprise through Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation. Don is the owner of Nardilmuk, owned by Kunibídji people, and this… Read more »

Maningrida Action Project

  A multilingual team at Maningrida participated in a two week sign language workshop at Maningrida in August, 2017. Linguists Margaret Carew (CALL), Jenny Green (University of Melbourne), Murray Garde (Australian National University) and Carolyn Coleman worked with people from Kuninjku, Gunnartpa, Wurlaki, Ndjébbana and Kun-barlang  language groups recording signs – or ‘actions’ – for… Read more »

An-nguliny Rarrk | Stories from Mick Marrawa England

Batchelor Institute and Maningrida Arts and Culture are proud to present An-nguliny Rarrk, a new book that celebrates the artwork of Mick Marrawa England.   Buy the book from Batchelor Institute Press The book was launched at the opening of Marrawa’s exhibition at Art Mob Aboriginal Art Gallery, Hobart Tasmania on 13 October 2017. This… Read more »

Bábbarra Women’s Centre films

Between June – August 2017 CALL Linguist Margaret Carew worked with Bábbarra Women’s Centre artists to produce a set of short films. The films feature well known artists Lucy Yarawanga, Deborah Wurrkidj, Susan Marawarr, Janet Marawarr, Phyllis Dungudja and Lenny Goya-airra. The women speak primarily in their first languages – Kune, Kuninjku, Burarra, Gurr-goni and… Read more »

Maningrida language map

This language map shows places in the Maningrida region and the languages that belong to different parts of country. Place names are spelt in the standard spelling of the language for that country. Map created by Brenda Thornley, based on earlier versions from Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation and Maningrida College. Click here for a larger version

Nga-ni kun-red ngarduk man-djewk na-kudji | A year in my country

  Batchelor Institute and Batchelor Institute Press are proud to present Nga-ni kun-red ngarduk man-djewk na-kudji  ‘A year in my country’, published in 2017. Link to Batchelor Institute Press to purchase the book. This is a book about seasons on Kune country by Jill Yirrindili and Aung Si, with illustrations by Jennifer Taylor. Nga-ni kun-red ngarduk man-djewk… Read more »

Maningrida languages | sounds, writing and spelling

In the past Aboriginal languages were not written down. Ways of writing developed through the work of linguists and anthropologists who came to Arnhem Land to study the language, and missionaries who came to teach people about the bible and to translate it into local languages. When bilingual education started in the 1970s, it became important to produce… Read more »

A guide to Maningrida language resources

Over the years many people have worked to develop language teaching and learning resources for the languages in the Maningrida region. Much of this work came about as part of the Burarra/Gun-nartpa and Ndjébbana bilingual programs at Maningrida CEC from the late 1970s to 2008. Some was created through bible translation work and liturgy translation, especially… Read more »

Gurr-goni Dictionary Project

Mu-goni dictionary ngatjbulorndo ngatjburru njiwurr-mu-murnongi arrapu at-bu-burrkarl yandu gurl awurr-bogo, reading awurr-ningu, guwubarrwirdi, arrapu njiwu-barrwirdi ngatjburrupu njiwurr-murnongi. Balanda borrlorndo, yandu read awurr-ningu an-nji an-nalitji mubu ngutjin mutdjat gun-ngatjburru wetji Gurr-goni. Wurlek. This dictionary is for us adults, and also for the children, so when they go to school they will read and remember it, and… Read more »

Mewal Song Project

Films from the Mewal song project Mewal – A Marrangu songline Wakwak – Crow dance at Gulerri   The Mewal songs are part of an ancient performance tradition, often referred to as bunggul in north-central Arnhem Land. The Mewal story, songs and dances are owned by the Wurrkigandjarr clan group (Marrangu Djinang) and performed by… Read more »