Rosie Jin-mujinggul and Charlie Mawundanga lived at Ji-balbal outstation in North-Central Arnhem Land in Australia. They lived a strong and traditional way of life using skills that they learned from their elders when they were growing up in the bush. In this video they show how to build a gorragorra, a bush sleeping platform, and… Read more »

Digitising sound and video recordings

NT Language Centre Support is supporting organisations and people in Maningrida to digitise video and audio cassettes. These are valuable records of people and events in Maningrida. Digitising means that videos and sound recordings can be copied and edited, and families can watch them. The digitising project is linked to the NT Library’s Community Stories… Read more »

Gun-ngaypa Rrawa | My Country

Batchelor Institute and Batchelor Press are proud to present: Gun-ngaypa Rrawa ‘My Country’ By: Crusoe Batara England, Patrick Muchana Litchfield, Raymond Walanggay England and Margaret Carew   This book presents stories from the Gun-nartpa people who live in North-Central Arnhem Land. The stories tell of Ancestral Spirits who created the country, and who are celebrated in… Read more »