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Ayeye thipe-akerte

The Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics and Batchelor Institute Press are proud to present:

Ayeye Thipe-akerte

Arrernte Stories about Birds

By Eastern Arrernte artist and writer Therese Ryder.

Iwenhenge the pipe nhenhe mpwareke apele, ayenge ampe putyelenge amangkeke. Thipe nhenhe mapeke akaltye-irremele akngerrapate mapele iletyarte awemele – arrpenheme, kere anwerne-kenhe, arrpenhe mape anwerne arlkwentye akngerre kwenye arle. My reason why I made this book was that I grew up in the bush. I learned about these birds from my elders – about the birds we see as food, and the other birds that are not food for us.
Therese Ryder

This project combines Therese’s exquisite watercolour paintings of birds from Central Australia with their Arrernte names and short stories about their appearance, habits and cultural meanings. A book and a poster have been published with a companion app, which allows readers to hear the sounds of the birds, their Arrernte names and the Arrernte stories.

Poster and book design by Christine Bruderlin

To buy copies of the book and poster, contact Batchelor Institute Press

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To download the app, visit the app store or google play and search on ayeye thipe-akerte.

Bird call and song audio for the Ayeye Thipe-akerte app has been reproduced under licence from David Stewart, Nature Sounds