Batchelor Institute Press


Batchelor Press is the publishing arm of Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education, Northern Territory, Australia.

The teaching and learning resources developed at Batchelor Institute are produced primarily for Indigenous Australian students living in remote communities, the majority of whom have English as a second or third language. The content of these resources has been developed by community elders, students and teaching staff with many years experience in ESL, distance learning and curriculum development.

CALL Collection

The CALL Collection is a significant archive of language material held in collaboration with Batchelor Institute Library. This material provides a rich resource to researchers and language projects throughout Australia.

The CALL Collection was launched on 29 June 2017 at Batchelor. Read about the launch here.

The CALL Collection provides a conceptual, physical and intellectual space where Indigenous languages are captured through the voices of individuals past: a language resource that remains accessible to generations of Australians now and in the future. Its historical, cultural and spiritual significance lies in the collaborative ‘Both-Ways’ philosophy that created the Collection and make it of national significance (Summary statement from the CALL Collection Significance Report, Dewar 2014)

The CALL Collection partnered with Charles Darwin University to create the Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages.


Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages

Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages

The Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages (LAAL) is an open access online repository of digital versions of materials produced in Aboriginal languages in the Northern Territory. The materials centre on those produced by bilingual programs and literature production centres in Aboriginal communities over the period from the 1970s until the cessation of support for bilingual education in the Northern Territory. There is a wide range of stories in over 30 languages. LAAL is a joint project of Charles Darwin University, CALL (Batchelor Institute), Australian National University, Northern Territory Department of Education, Northern Territory Library and Northern Territory Catholic Education Office.

Sound printing and talking books


Batchelor Press has been an Australian pioneer of the new technology for talking books, and has published several talking book titles. Some of the books developed through CALL are printed with sound. Click through for information and resources on four soundprinted books, all published by Batchelor Press.