Ti Tree book launch: Mer Angenty-warn alhem

The Ti Tree community turned out in force on Wednesday 18 May 2016, to celebrate the launch of a new book – Mer Angenty-warn Alhem ‘Travelling to Angenty waterhole’. This book was a team project led by Anmatyerr teacher April Pengart Campbell and elder Clarrie Kemarr Long. The book focuses on one family trip to the site called Angenty. Over a weekend, senior men and women told stories and sang songs for this country, teaching the children the body designs and dances and connecting them to the spirit of this place. The book presents the songs, stories and photographs and has links to films and audio so that people can watch and listen alongside the photos and text.

Lots of people contributed to the book, but it was also a collaboration between organisations, including Batchelor Institute, Central Land Council Anmatyerr Ranger Program and the Research Unit for Indigenous Language at the University of Melbourne. We are all so pleased to see it come to fruition.

Thank you to the following:

CLC Ti Tree Ranger Program who helped set up for the launch

Ti Tree School staff and students

Nino from Ti Tree School for putting on the lunch

Central Desert Regional Council who provided the PA and BBQ

Edna from the Central Desert Aged Care Program

David Strickland, who helped with book sales at the launch

Six Mile Band, who played at the launch

William Lane of CLC Rangers and Mike Crowe of Batchelor Institute cooked the BBQ

A special mention to Angela Tranter, who made that awesome cake.

Thanks everyone!

For more information about the book, click here.

To order the book, visit the Batchelor Press website.

To order a sound reader, see here for information.