Partnerships and collaborations play an important part in our work.

We welcome you to approach us about becoming a CALL Associate or a Batchelor Institute Research Adjunct. You may also be interested in volunteering with us to contribute your time and expertise to our project work.

Further information for adjuncts, associates and volunteers – induction manual and policies

Check this link for current adjuncts and associates working with CALL

CALL Associates share resources and expertise in the area of language advocacy, documentation, teaching and learning and resource development. Associates include language custodians and consultants, academic researchers, language advocates and supporters of language projects, and Batchelor Institute staff. Through our network of associates, CALL draws on expertise and guidance from a diverse group of stakeholders and contributes resources and expertise in return. This work can take the form of an internship, where an intern undertakes a program of supervised work that contributes to their study or work experience program.

As a Batchelor Institute Research Adjunct, you may partner with our researchers and collaborate on research and resource development projects to support community teams and organisations in their work. Batchelor Institute’s Research Adjunct partnership program is part of a strategy to advance the national agenda of building Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research capacity and leadership. As an adjunct you are part of a select group in a unique research and Indigenous education context, sharing in the empowerment and capacity building of Indigenous researchers across a range of projects and community settings.

As a volunteer with CALL you have the unique opportunity to work in an Indigenous organisation on projects that directly benefit Indigenous people. These are projects that contribute to the documentation, publishing, curation and preservation of Australia’s rich Indigenous linguistic heritage.

If you are interested in becoming a CALL adjunct, associate or volunteer please contact us to begin a discussion.


Phone: 08 8946 7128

The Iltyem-iltyem project – an example of a research and community partnership

Getting in Touch bird apps – a collaborative digital outreach project

 Jardiwanpa Yawulyu –  a research and community partnership to publish knowledge of women’s ceremonial performance