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Getting in Touch | Digital resources for Indigenous Languages

The Getting in Touch workshop was held in Alice Springs in April 2014. It brought together teams from Indigenous communities, linguists and technology experts. The workshop discussed issues and ideas about digital tools for Indigenous Language Speakers. Everyone brainstormed these ideas and created maps and plans for future resources.

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Gun-ngaypa Rrawa | My Country

Batchelor Institute and Batchelor Press are proud to present: Gun-ngaypa Rrawa ‘My Country’ By: Crusoe Batara England, Patrick Muchana Litchfield, Raymond Walanggay England and Margaret Carew This book presents stories from the Gun-nartpa people who live in North-Central Arnhem Land.

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Digitising sound and video recordings

NT Language Centre Support is supporting organisations and people in Maningrida to digitise video and audio cassettes. These are valuable records of people and events in Maningrida. Digitising means that videos and sound recordings can be copied and edited, and families can watch them.

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Rosie Jin-mujinggul and Charlie Mawundanga lived at Ji-balbal outstation in North-Central Arnhem Land in Australia. They lived a strong and traditional way of life using skills that they learned from their elders when they were growing up in the bush.

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The Arrernte Language Office at the Desert People’s Centre

Akwertethe akaltyele anthenh-anthenhe ‘We are always learning’ MK Turner & Christobel Swan. The Arrernte Language Office is a space for Arrernte Language work and projects. It is available for Arrernte Language workers to use as a meeting and work space.

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Utopia Bush Medicine Project

The Utopia Bush Medicine Project was a community-based intergenerational and multi-disciplinary, language maintenance and documentation project on the Utopia Homelands. Utopia is located in remote central Australia, approximately 300 kilometres north-east of Alice Springs.

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Arrernte language landscape

From Undoolya Road to Antulye Street: Arrernte street signs in Alice Springs Arrernte signs on buildings in Alice Springs Prior to European contact in Central Australia, Arrernte speaking people enjoyed exclusive ownership of the landscape and its resources surrounding the Macdonnell ranges – the region now occupied by the town of Alice Springs.

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Mer Angenty-warn alhem | Travelling to Angenty waterhole

Batchelor Institute and Batchelor Institute Press are proud to present Mer Angenty-warn alhem ‘Travelling to Angenty waterhole’ By April Pengart Campbell, Clarrie Kemarr Long, Jenny Green and Margaret Carew Published in 2015.

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Mewal Song Project

Films from the Mewal song project Mewal – A Marrangu songline Wakwak – Crow dance at Gulerri The Mewal songs are part of an ancient performance tradition, often referred to as bunggul in north-central Arnhem Land.

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Jardiwanpa yawulyu | Warlpiri women’s songs from Yuendumu

Batchelor Institute and Batchelor Institute Press are proud to present Jardiwanpa yawulyu: Warlpiri women’s songs from Yuendumu By: Coral Napangardi Gallagher and Peggy Nampijinpa Brown, with Georgia Curran and Barbara Napanangka Martin.

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