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An-nguliny Rarrk | Stories from Mick Marrawa England

Batchelor Institute and Maningrida Arts and Culture are proud to present An-nguliny Rarrk, a new book that celebrates the artwork of Mick Marrawa England. The book was launched at the opening of Marrawa’s exhibition at Art Mob Aboriginal Art Gallery, Hobart Tasmania on 13 October 2017. You can buy the book from Batchelor Institute Press.

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Apmere angkentye-kenhe | A place for language

CALL is proud to support the Apmere Angentye-kenhe project, launched in June 2017. This project was produced by Watch this Space Inc, in collaboration with an Arrernte language team. Link to the Apmere Ankentye-kenhe website for more information about this project.

Read more is an Arrernte language resource, housing an online audio version of the revised Eastern & Central Arrernte Learners Wordlist, the original of which was published by IAD in the early 1990s. It is a shell into which further resources will be added. At this stage there is one game. Scroll down the LHS menu to find it.

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Arrernte Higher Education Language Teaching 2020

During 2020, Batchelor Institute CALL staff taught Arrernte in the CDU Higher Education Introduction to Languages courses AIS161 and AIS162. For an insight into the Arrernte course taught in 2020, listen to Kumalie Riley discussing the course in the attached short films. Two versions are attached, one is 3 mins long, the other 10 mins.

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Arrernte language landscape

From Undoolya Road to Antulye Street: Arrernte street signs in Alice Springs Arrernte signs on buildings in Alice Springs Prior to European contact in Central Australia, Arrernte speaking people enjoyed exclusive ownership of the landscape and its resources surrounding the MacDonnell ranges – the region now occupied by the town of Alice Springs.

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Arrpenhe-nthenhe 2017 | Indigenous Language film program

In 2016 the Something Somewhere Film Festival was presented for the first time in Alice Springs. For the 2017 festival, under the direction of Arrernte elder MK Turner, a program of films full of the languages of Central Australia called *Arrpenhe-nthenhe * – meaning ‘where’s the other one', was included in the festival. Click here for program.

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Ayeye thipe-akerte App

This app can be found in the App Store or on Google Play by searching 'Thipe'. it is the Arrernte version by Theresa Ryder of the bird apps produced by senior language consultants in Central Australia. These beautiful apps present a picture, the sound of bird call, the name of bird, a short story in language with audio, and an English translation.

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Ayeye thipe-akerte project

The Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics and Batchelor Institute Press are proud to present: Ayeye Thipe-akerte Arrernte Stories about Birds By Eastern Arrernte artist and writer Therese Ryder. Iwenhenge the pipe nhenhe mpwareke apele, ayenge ampe putyelenge amangkeke.

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Bird Apps | A Getting in Touch project

Senior language consultants from a number of different language groups are currently working on a set of apps about birds. These apps are presenting bird pictures, the sound of bird calls, the names of birds and short stories in language.

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Bábbarra Women’s Centre films

Between June – August 2017 CALL Linguist Margaret Carew worked with Bábbarra Women’s Centre artists to produce a set of short films. The films feature well known artists Lucy Yarawanga, Deborah Wurrkidj, Susan Marawarr, Janet Marawarr, Phyllis Dungudja and Lenny Goya-airra.

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