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Mer Angenty-warn alhem | Travelling to Angenty waterhole

Batchelor Institute and Batchelor Institute Press are proud to present Mer Angenty-warn alhem  ‘Travelling to Angenty waterhole’

By April Pengart Campbell, Clarrie Kemarr Long, Jenny Green and Margaret Carew

Published in 2015.

To purchase the book, follow this link to Batchelor Press

Angenty is a sacred waterhole in Anmatyerr and Warlpiri country, to the north of Alice Springs in Central Australia. This book is about a family visit to this place. Men, women and children camped in the riverbed and the elders told stories about the ancestral spirits of this country, including Mern amar ‘mulga apple’, Arrkerr  ‘Barn Owl’, Arnamarwengk  ‘spirit women’, Tywerrk  ‘native fig’, and Alharrenty  ‘the monster’. Senior women painted up the young girls and taught them some songs, dances and designs associated with these beings. Since then a team led by April Pengart Campbell have worked together on documenting this valuable cultural knowledge. The book includes the rhythmic structures, words and interpretations for each song, and is enriched with images, sound recordings and films.

Mer Angenty-warn alhem ‘Travelling to Angenty waterhole’ is the latest in a series of books about traditional music from Central Australia, published by Batchelor Institute Press.

This project has been supported by the Australian Government’s Indigenous Languages Support Program, and auspiced by Batchelor Institute’s Division of Higher Education and Research.

Jenny Green‘s ongoing research on Central Australian languages and narrative forms is supported by the the Australian Research Council, through the Research Unit for Indigenous Language at the University of Melbourne.