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Arrernte akaltyele antetyeke apurte-irretyeke | If you are teaching Arrernte, these workshops are an opportunity for Arrernte Educators to get together and share resources and ideas and create new ones together. Workshop invitations and reports attached here. From the third workshop, it was agreed to invite teachers of other languages too.

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Christobel Swan National NAIDOC Finalist

Christobel Swan, elder in the Pertame master-apprentice program, has been selected as a finalist for 2021 National NAIDOC Female Elder of the Year Award. Read below to find out more about this very special lady

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Fiona Murphy speaks about Aboriginal sign languages on ABC News

Aboriginal sign languages are not well widely known about in mainstream Australia, says linguist Jenny Green in article by Fiona Murphy, author of the 2021 book 'The Shape of Sound', in an interview with ABC News. Anmatyerr educator, April Campbell talks about how she learnt sign and makes reference to the iltyem-iltyem (handtalk) website.

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Media Release: Community-run Language School classroom opening on Central Australian homeland

Bunnings Warehouse Alice Springs will donate equipment and labor to build a classroom on Aboriginal homeland Boomerang Bore to support the Pertame (Southern Arrernte) language school this Saturday the 26th of June.

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Pertame Apprentice, Shania Armstrong Awarded Alice Springs NAIDOC Youth of the Year

Pertame apprentice, Shania Armstrong, was awarded Alice Springs NAIDOC Female Youth of the year for her efforts to teach and learn Pertame as a part of our the Pertame Master-Apprentice Program running through the Batchelor Institute

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Pertame Project Team Present at the AIATSIS Summit in Adelaide

The Pertame Master-Apprentice team travelled to Adelaide last week to present at the National Indigenous Research Conference as a part of the 2021 AIATSIS Summit. Shania Armstrong, Auriel Swan, Vanessa Farrelly & Samantha Armstrong gave a presentation about the program, while making new connections with First Nations leaders from across Australia.

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