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Gun-ngaypa Rrawa | My Country

Batchelor Institute and Batchelor Press are proud to present:

Gun-ngaypa Rrawa ‘My Country’

By: Crusoe Batara England, Patrick Muchana Litchfield, Raymond Walanggay England and Margaret Carew


This book presents stories from the Gun-nartpa people who live in North-Central Arnhem Land. The stories tell of Ancestral Spirits who created the country, and who are celebrated in ceremonies and visual arts. There are also stories from the old days, when hunting, bush foods, warfare and sorcery were part of everyday life. Elders describe the Second World War, the coming of the Welfare Time and the settlement of Maningrida and outstations. The book celebrates the diversity of languages in the region by presenting the stories in both Gun-nartpa and English.

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The book is printed with the technology of sound printing – you can listen to the stories using a ‘speaking pen’.

The audio is password protected. Please contact us if you have purchased the book and would like access to these files.

Cover photograph by Margie West

Senior Gopamalija custodian Robert Bibora accepted the book on behalf of the An-nguliny, Gopamalija, Ana-gujalala clans and other senior custodians at a ceremony at Maningrida in March 2014.