Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics

‘Wangka irrititha munu kuwarritha’ ‘Southern dialects of Luritja (Martutjarra and related) – Old meets New’ project

One of the first activities was for the project team Elder Maureen Campbell and grandkids, Kyra, Reanna and Ian, and nephew, Dwight to participate in a First Nations Media archiving workshop. In this workshop they learned about the FNMA Archive Resources Toolkit and the Mukurtu platform for content management and for community access to project materials. During the workshop the team began to create a Mukurtu site, which they are now beginning to populate. At this stage the site is not public but you can learn more about mukurtu at

Cover photo: First Nations Media Archiving Workshop Group March 2021. Among the participants in the workshop are Luritja project team members Maureen Campbell, front left and behind her Kyra Campbell, Ange Harrison, Reanna Campbell and Dwight Campbell.

The next activity is an art-based workshop with the Batchelor Institute Art Department, open to young and old community members 4th May to 14th May 2021.